"His tenore leggero sounded beautiful and brilliant even in the sustained top C's and his rendering of the prison scene was heart-breaking."

Walter Wiertz, Newsletter 116, Donizetti Society

"Chantant avec sensibilité et justesse, ses aigus puissants et sa musicalité en font un Ferrando très convaincant que l’on a plaisir à écouter."

Jocelyne De Nicola, GB Opera Magazine, November 2015

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Leonardo Ferrando, Tenor
Leonardo Ferrando, Tenor1 week ago
Still touched for last Saturday's Premiere in #MalmoOpera. It was a beautiful opening night. Thank you very much to the entire team and the generous audience. If you missed #Lakmé, we still have 9 shows on the next month. You can also listen our premiere under http://sverigesradio.se/sida/avsnitt/962171?programid=2359
(only available for few days)
#Delibes #Malmo #Malmoe #Lakme #LakmeMalmo
Leonardo Ferrando, Tenor
Leonardo Ferrando, Tenor1 week ago
Listen today's #Lakmé premiere on Swedish Radio under the following link: http://sverigesradio.se/sida/avsnitt/962171?programid=2359
There's also a nice pics selection
Toi toi toi to everybody involved!!
Malmö Opera #Lakme #Delibes #Malmo #MalmoOpera #LakmeMalmo

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