"His tenore leggero sounded beautiful and brilliant even in the sustained top C's and his rendering of the prison scene was heart-breaking."

Walter Wiertz, Newsletter 116, Donizetti Society

"Chantant avec sensibilité et justesse, ses aigus puissants et sa musicalité en font un Ferrando très convaincant que l’on a plaisir à écouter."

Jocelyne De Nicola, GB Opera Magazine, November 2015

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Leonardo Ferrando, Tenor
Leonardo Ferrando - Si, ritrovarla io giuro! - Rossini
Leonardo Ferrando sings La Cenerentola from G. Rossini at Opera Wroclawska Conductor: Matteo Pagliari Director: Irina Brook Opera Wroclawska Orchestra and Choir
Leonardo Ferrando, Tenor
Leonardo Ferrando, Tenor
Leonardo Ferrando, Tenor1 month ago
Lakmé 10th of 10!! "C'est un rêve, une folie?"
In just three hours begins our last show of #Lakmé . It's been a pleasure working again in Malmö Opera. Soloist, choir friends, orchestra, conductors and coaches, costume department, technical crew, production team, authorities, you made me feel at home. Thank you very much for your hospitality and professionalism!! #TackSåMycket #Delibes #LakméMalmmö #Malmo

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